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Starlite Fx Paints


 Cosmic Glow in the Dark Paints 
For Ceilings, Walls & Furniture “Non Toxic or Radio Active” 
Our Illusional Paints are Daylight Invisible on a White
Ceiling and are Water based and Eco Friendly. 
Available by Licence UK , Country by Country or World Wide. 
They are available in  
Green, Ultra Blue, Aqua Blue and Purple. 

15 ml. Samples of each colour are available upon request please request by
 Email stating colour required to 

at £3.95 each incl postage.

Easy to Use and Create Amazing Starlit
 Cosmic Night Skies, Children and  
Adults alike just Love it. 

May be Applied Freehand or Stencil to Create  Borders, Characters, Shapes,
 Comets, Shooting Stars, Rockets, Spaceships, Moons,
Planets with No Special Skill Required. 
Ideal for Commercial Applications in Clubs, Bars, Hotels, Theatres, Theme Parks  
Also Many Safety and other Creative Uses. 
Our Paints are Everlasting and Recharges with almost 
Any Light Source or U.V. ( Backlight) and May be Used
on any White Paper, Board, Plaster or Artex.

Painting Methods & Equipment Care
To clean use warm water
For spray applications dilute with filtered water up to 40%

For random star effects use a toothbrush and flick the paint to 
achieve cosmic dust clouds
For Individual stars use a pointed brush or silicone applicator

The stars are almost invisible during the day on a white ceiling.

Powered by Glow4u Technology.

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