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Glow Innovation Technology

Welcome to the World of Advanced Glow Technology,
Specialized Pigments, Products and Services. 
Licences are Available for both Products and Materials for all 
Industries and Business Sectors.

Glow4u is one of the leading innovators in the world using 
Specialist Pigments such as Photoluminescent, Fluorescent, Thermo-Chromic,
 Photo-Chromic, Aqua Chromic and U.V. Responsive by combining 
innovative materials and nano technology in its formulations.
We work in partnership with people and companies and by using 
an innovative approach when

 new products and materials. 

By using the best available ingredients 
to achieve the ultimate quality over its range of products.

Glow4u have available a range of pre-formulated products that are both fully developed and proven

 We are happy to 

discuss your requirements, supply or licence them in the UK 
or country by country and world-wide distribution.

 We also undertake commissions for product development or R&D projects.
Contact : Ian Burrows
Tel: 00 44 (0) 7967-707415

 in the respective  
market places available 
 for own brands.
at competitive prices.


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