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Gloworm Fishing Paint


Gloworm Fishing Paints
For all enquiries Please email us with your companies name and full contact details
 to: gloworm@glow4u.com   

Gloworm Fishing Paints
Available by Licence UK , Country by Country or World Wide. 

Our special formula paints contains an added attractant that fish just can't resist.
Its safe waterproof  Non toxic or Radio-Active and Eco Friendly.

15 ml. Samples are available in Green or Blue Glow upon request.
 to gloworm@glow4u.com
Price £3.95 including postage U.K.

The paint is almost daylight invisible on a white surface and glows
brightly Green or Blue in the Dark
Our paints recharge with most light sources including UV (Blacklight)
The paint is almost daylight invisible on a white surface
available with a bright green or Blue in the Dark

Use a torch for night fishing. Gloworm will release its 
attractant and glows in the Dark for over 6 hours. 
Fish can see the Glow even if we can't.
Gives you that extra edge in the sport.
Our special Luminous formula is perfect for Day or Night fishing in
Sea or freshwater for all your Bait, Lures, Jellies, Spoons, Rods, 
Flies, Rests, Tips and Floats.
Its also great for Tent Pegs, Guy Ropes and Bait Boxes.

Paint Applications
For the best and brightest results use a white undercoat first this enhances 
the glow then one or two thin coats of the Gloworm paint. Apply to a clean 
dry surface and allow to dry for at least an hour.

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