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Gloworm Fishing Paint

Custom made Products


New Angling Products 
Available Manufactured or Licences

All our products and formulations below use Eco-safe delivery systems and can be 
supplied labelled as Own Brand Retail Packaged, bulk packed for your own
 packaging or under Manufacturing Licence Agreements 
for U.K. Only, Country by Country or Worldwide Exclusivity.
We have a range of innovative products for the Angling World. 
Aside from performance, the main focus is ensuring all our Angling products
 are totally safe and Eco-friendly to Flora and Fauna in both Sea 
and Freshwater environments.

We have spent over two years developing the Glow fishing range 
and as the product innovators we have applied our knowledge and market 
leading chemistry using the proven  attraction of Light to Fish 
as the basis of the products so far.

No. 1
In Red or Yellow Capsules 

Fizz-Wizz Sand Bait Dissolvable Capsules.
Contains our secret formula of Special Attractants with Eco-Bubbles,
 Natural Flavours, Odours, Eco-Safe Dyes and Light emitting particles.

Easy to Use
Open and pour the Sand bait into the Shaker-Bag Supplied.
Lightly moisten the hooked boilie, place in the bag and shake to form an 
even coating all over.Cast as normal, this will produce an explosion 
of colour and attractant when it hits the water ! For a secondary
 added effect add to a pre-baited PVA bag or Mesh, allowing a 
delayed release of the colour and attractants.

No. 2
Details to Follow Soon
No .3 
Details to Follow Soon
No. 4
Our 10 mm Bait toppers fit most boilie sizes and attach snugly using a standard
 baiting needle.The bright fluorescent colour is a natural attractant and by 
dipping it in liquid attractantsadds another dimension to catch big fish.
They are boyuant and help lift the boilie in to your position preferred position.
More Details to Follow Soon

We can also develop clients, own ideas and bring them to reality,
 so should you spot a niche and require R&D, feel free to
 contact us for friendly, no-nonsense advice

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