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Muddle Puddle
Standard Colours

Available by Licence UK , Country by Country or World Wide. 
                        Neutral      Orange      Green        Blue           Pink          Red         Yellow
Our Standard Colours above but any colour can be made to order
including Fluorescents, Heat Colour Changes and U.V. Reactive.
50 gram samples are available upon request and after NDA's are exchanged.
Please email me at: splodge@glow4u.com
giving full contact details and name.

Splodge is a work in progress title name only:

Mr Red Muddle

Our latest Fun product is a Hi-Tec Material that has a totally different
approach for Children Play Time being highly Tactile and Ausome to play with.

                                    Going            Going           Going               Gone
                                Splodge is Very Buoyant and floats in water for Bath Time Fun.
In our Childrens play trials Children just loved it and was hard to tear them away.
Splodge has full Anti-Microbial properties and very safe to play with
 like Cutting, Moulding, Shaping and Extruding.
 Create characters and shape before they Puddle can be played with 
on almost any surface., 

Splodge is Very Buoyant and floats in water for Bath Time Fun.

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