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Reluming Paint

ReLume Paint


Watch & Clock Re-Luming Paints and Pigments

four relume colours

All are Available as Own Label or Licence Agreement

Country by Country or Worldwide Exclusivities

Four Standard Colours of Glow4u Pre Mixed Watch Re-Luming Paints

Ultra Green - Ultra Blue - Aqua Blue - Aged Orange
Availble pre-packed 15 ml Tubes or Bulk 1, 5, 10, 25 kilos 
four relume colours
15 ml. Samples are available upon request please request by

 Email to relume@glow4u.com
stating colour required
 Chargable at £4.95 each incl postage
Refunded on first order.

Suitable Watch Reluming Pigment/Powders
 are available in standard natural colours
3µ to 30µ Microns See Photoluminescent Pigments Page
Please Turn to next page for individual Colours

Re-Luming Hits and Tips

First Remove the old Lume Paint.
Use some solvent from the back applied with oiler 
(don’t use to much otherwise the paint of the hands will be gone)
 and then scratch the old lume from the hands. 
Use a soft item such as the bamboo skewer used here to remove the old lume
from the front so as not to remove the painted finish on the hands.
When this is finished this is the time to paint them if required, a thin coat of lacquer, just enough
to colour is what is needed. They won't suffer wear so not much is required. Model companies have a
large range of suitable colours available in small spray cans that are perfect for this purpose.
 Don't forget if you are painting a set of chrome or gilt hands 
a light rub with 800 grit wet and dry paper is required for correct adhesion.

Now we have to ReLume them.
When using a solvent based Binder always mix the Pigment just before you use to avoid 
settling of the Pigment in the binder should be a paste like consistency
Relume them from the back like everybody else. 
Everybody has his own technique for this or his own application tools but use an oiler for this. 
You need to use a thicker lume mix here to prevent sag but don't over do it or the hands
 will not clear each other once mounted. Somewhere around 60/40 Pigment/Powder to binder
should be about right depending on your binder. 
A Pigment/Powder of around 8-15µ microns is the easiest to work with for hands,
 finer Pigment/Powders of 3µ micron can come later with experience.
A final very thin coat of  Clear lacquer to finish.
Let them dry over night at least before handling to be sure they are dry before fitting.

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Please Turn to next page for individual Colours

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