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Photoluminescent Pigments


Glow Pigment

Strontium Aluminate
Photoluminescent Pigments

Our standard range of Photoluminescent 
Natural Coloured Pigments are
Ultra Green, Ultra Blue, Aqua Blue and Purple
from 3µ micron to 300µ micron for Solvent or Waterbourne Applications
Please enquire with us prior to ordering
Not all pigments are available in every size and Waterbourne grades.

We also have a custom range of Fluorescent tinted Glow pigments 
for daylight colour applications.

 Available packed one kilo bags
All Small and Larger Samples are available which are charged for
and reimbursed upon your first order.
Please email your requirements to: 
or telephone 00 44 (0)1767-707415

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