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For all enquiries Please email us with your 
companies name and full contact details
 to: polliputty@glow4u.com   

Polipully is now fully developed and available from October 31st  2013
Available by Licence UK , Country by Country or World Wide. 
Poliputty has full Anti-Microbial properties and is a new Hi-Tec material 
with amazing properties that are very different to putties like clay and doh materials. 
Poliputty appeals to Animators, Modelers and Children alike
 and is very easy to use and mouldable enough to create characters, 
flexible enough to reposition in many ways
 and dense enough to retain its shape vertically and horizontally
 and does not melt under studio lighting it is also buoyant and floats in water.

It also has selective tack it Sticks and holds on to smooth hard surfaces like
 Metal, Wood, Glass, Stone, Granite, Plastic Sheets, Painted Surfaces  
But will not stick to Fabrics like Clothes, Carpets, Curtains 
thats great when Children play with it.
Poliputty is available in neutral and five standard colours of
Red, Green, Blue, Pink and Orange

The neutral Poliputty may be coloured to your choice with dry pigments 
therefore making any colour that is required.

Dry pigments that are safe for children are available in small quantities 
as they are highly concentrated in  Red, Green, Blue, Yellow.

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